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Top 11 Ecommerce marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Think about where you stay in your current Ecommerce experience. Maybe you’ve just setup a nice little store or shop to sell your new designer clothes, or maybe your online business is building a solid customer base, and you need to bring on a few employees to manage all of the orders you get.

Anyway, everyone gets to that point where ecommerce marketing becomes an important and huge factor. So, how do you evaluate your current marketing strategies? Are you doing everything perfect, or should you implement other marketing campaigns to bring in more devoted customers? Ecommerce marketing can be difficult for newbies. Luckily, we’ve done the work to make things easy for you, guiding you on theright path to marketing success and providing a list for you to stick on your wall and tick off as you complete each ecommerce marketing method.

Top 10 Ecommerce marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs:

1. Build out your channels from day one:

As soon as you have bought your online store domain name, start developing an audience. You might start with posts on social media to grow a fan club so that when you launch you have an audience ready to buy.

2. Make your website visually attractive:

Your whole website should be visually attractive. Product pages should have several product photos exposing different angles. All pages, links, product pages should be SEO friendly so that your online store can rank higher in google search engine results page.

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3. Create a content marketing strategy before starting:

Nothing good starts without building a plan. An ecommerce business needs a content marketing strategy, so create a perfect content marketing strategy. Write a list of all the methods How will you reach out to customers, whether it be blog posts, videos or email newsletters.

4. Be on multiple social media channels:

Social media is always a tough sell for ecommerce companies since it’s tough to figure out which platforms work best in certain market. Create Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google my business pages. Use these social media marketing platforms to spread your content.

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5. Don’t pocket the profits just yet:

Money makes money. If you want your business to grow, you’ll need to reinvest money into your business. Instead, of buying a new useless gadget, spend your profit on advertising. Social media ads convert best for our business but you’ll need to find the type of ad that works best for you. By reinvesting the profit you gain for some months, you give your business a chance to grow and become sustainable.

6. Get feedback on your store:

When you launch your new store, it’s important to get feedback on it.

7. Be specific with your product categories :

as your store grows, you’ll have to set your product categories. Having product categories such as ‘Women,’ ‘Men’ and ‘Children’ don’t do much for SEO goals and yet they are common to find on many stores. What’s bad is that some stores chunk all of their women’s fashion under ‘women’ with no subcategories at all. Most people don’t like browsing an entire collection to find out the dresses they do not want to purchase or that have already in their nearby stores at lower prices.

Look at how Flipkart organizes their product categories. By Product categorization you can see how it becomes easy for you to find the specific items. So, keep it easy for a customer to find exactly what they are looking to increase the possibility that they will purchase from your store.

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8. Make Your Delivery Options Better Than others:

If you have the reputation for fast delivery and the occasional expedited delivery for your random customers. This makes customers feel special. Does your company stand out in terms of delivery? Think about the ways to speed up your delivery process to stand out from competitors. Better delivery is one of the best ecommerce marketing strategy to make you the ace of your industry.

9. Make marketing your main focus:

If you have a physical store and want to focus on your local branding and marketing then you can follow up a perfect marketing plan. Marketing and advertising give your more profits so don’t waste your time, and focus on your branding and marketing strategies. And at last make sure to create a budget for advertising.

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10. Set a Plan for Onsite SEO:

Although your ecommerce marketing strategy should focus on helping users and not search engines, your ecommerce  SEO needs keywords to help the search engines identify you as a store that sells certain products.

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11. Communicate with your customers and get to know their needs:

It’s really time consuming to Build relationships with customers but really important to do. Product reviews build trust and typical social credibility, convincing other customers to buy products based on other customer’s feedback. Go crazy email marketing. Create email newsletters and sent it to your customers. You can email each customer and ask them how they’re enjoying the product they purchased. Not all people will reply, but the ones that do, will help you to better understand your customer’s needs. It also helps you better serve them.

Many people only dream of starting a business not realizing how easy it is to make it a reality. With online branding and marketing strategies, it’s so easy to succeed.

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