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5 Essential Things For Strong Visual Branding on Social Media

5 Essential Things For Strong Visual Branding on Social Media

The new world of marketing is increasingly visual. Every business needs a face and visual branding sets that face apart from other faces. Visual social branding refers to what your social media content looks like i.e. your cover photo, your profile picture, and especially your social posts.

Why Visual Branding is important for your business?

Amazing visuals on social media are essential.  Human brain is wired to read and understand images faster than words. Many different platforms available and heavy competition among them,  it’s difficult for you to set your brand apart and carve out your place on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and other social media channels.

When you build a strong visual branding strategy for your business, you are on your way towards boosting your business’ credibility and reliability. Audience can be confused when you don’t stick to your branding strategies. When you use different colors and fonts every time in your content then it’s difficult for your audience to memorize your brand.


Every social network might not be the right platform for your company. Your work is to find the networks that stand out with your brand’s image and goals.

For instance, if your company is a steel manufacturer, then pinterest probably isn’t the best option for you. Pinterest’s is for creative pictures. A better option would be a LinkedIn profile since it’s a B2B network that attracts business owners. In this article, I’ll talk about the ingredients those are important for both new and established brands to implement them into their social media strategy.

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A consistent color palette:

If you look at the colors of any well known brand, you’ll see that they use the same colors over and over again. Cadbury is purple, Coke is red, Starbucks is green.

Coca-Cola uses its classic red and white color at all social media platforms. It’s rare to find a color instead of red in any campaign of the Company. Similarly you have not seen the color other than purple in any Cadbury post on social media. They are consistent with their branding strategies.


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You should also keep the things simple and consistent and in a similar way with respect to your brand color & logo at different social media platforms. When people will see you in a particular avatar in every social media post then they will start to recognize you and it will built a strong brand identity in their minds.

Develop Your Own Voice:

You should develop your voice according to your brand personality. Try to start by choosing your own tone. It can be funny or serious, luxurious or affordable, for a particular person or everyone; it should be in such a way that everyone can resonates with it.

Social Media Templates To Speed Up The Design Process:

An efficient way to create easy social media layouts is to create templates. Every social media platforms has different image dimensions so you can change the dimension for every social media platform but the placement of logo, colors and fonts should be consistent.

Post Regularly:

Irregular posting can kill your branding efforts. If you only Tweet once in a month or upload one new Instagram picture in 2 months, you’re going to be forgotten. The most important thing is to gain the attention of audience. If you don’t post regularly then you will be forgotten by them in a few days.

You should make a schedule for posting and stick to it. When you stick to a schedule then your audience will wait for your post at that particular time, this will increase your engagement. When you post on any time of the day then its not necessary that your audience have time to see it. A regular schedule help the to memorize you.

Connect With Influencers:

If you’re just starting out or don’t have a huge audience, A good way to achieve faster results and amplify your social media branding efforts is to build relationships with influencers. Influencers are the established people in your industry have already built a huge audience. Influencers should be authentic , active, engaging experts in their respective industry.


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Start building relationships right away. Influencers advertise for you on their social media, you don’t just get the publicity you seek, you will also attract people to your own profile or page. You can grow your page through their links and mentions.

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