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Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads : Which One Is Better For Your Business?

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the two top digital advertising platforms. Facebook Ads display in social feeds and are targeted using demographic and behavioral information, whereas Google Ads target specific keywords and appear as the top results in Google search results. Both are used to do anything from build brand awareness to drive sales.

How Facebook Ads Work:

Facebook, a social media platform with 2.41 billion users worldwide, offers businesses the ability to advertise with digital ads. These ads are created using the Facebook Ad Manager platform. In Ad creation process, businesses select an ad budget, ad placement, and ad run time. Then these ads are displayed to a targeted audience defined by user demographics, interests, behavior, and Facebook engagement patterns. 

Advertisers can reach the audience on the basis of location, demographics & interests. This is what makes Facebook advertising effective, despite the audience lacking the same level of intent as Google Ads.

When carefully created and perfectly targeted, Facebook ads can capture latent user interest that both increases brand awareness and generates sales. It’s important to note, however, that it may take more time to convert Facebook leads to customers as they are not actively looking  your products or services.

How Google Ads Work:

Google Ads get visible at the top of search results pages in the same format as organic search results; they appear based on the keywords searched by the visitor and how those keywords align with ad content. 

On Google, users are actively searching for a specific product or service, or the answer to a specific question. If you can provide the exact information they’re looking for, they are more likely to purchase your product or service or engage with your brand. Customer intent is what sets Google Ads apart from Facebook Ads. Unlike Facebook Ads, Google Ads are largely focused on keywords and search terms.

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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: When to Use 

Facebook Ads are best to build brand awareness of products or services that people will likely want to purchase but do not necessarily need, such as a new high-tech vending machine. Google Ads, however, are best for increasing sales of products or services that people need and actively search for, such as plumber. 

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Cost & Features

Facebook Ads cost less than Google Ads. The platform also offers audience targeting options. This makes it a great choice for advertisers with limited budgets requiring to build brand awareness. Google, however, is more effective at capturing leads who are ready to buy, as determined by their specific searches. While Google Ads may cost more than facebook ads, the return on investment (ROI) is likely more immediate and higher than Facebook Ads.

 Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Ease of Use

Facebook is a more visual interface than Google, Google Ads is a more data-focused interface. Most find it easy to use Facebook’s basic features, but get difficulty to learn its more advanced functionality. Google, on the other hand, is harder to learn at the starting, but once a user accomodate, the entire platform is simple to manage.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Customer Service

Google Ads offers better quality customer service than Facebook. Facebook does not give the offline customer service.

Based on the above comparison, we recommend Google Ads for businesses for the purpose of increasing the sales of their products or services. Facebook Ads is recommended for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and for introducing new products and services to a fresh audience.


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