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Power Words : The Art of Getting Clicked

When you write a content:

  • You might have done better research.
  • Your content might even have been designed better.
  • You might have written good content.

It’s frustrating when you competitor gets more website traffic than you do.

Have you ever think what may be the reason behind this?

The answer might be better and catchy headlines. These headlines include Power Words. 

You will think that this can’t be the sole reason behind the less website traffic. But the truth is that the headlines are important to grow website traffic. A catchy word can attract thousand of visitors to a website.

The Anatomy of Great Headlines

A lot of research has been done to find out what makes a headline a good headline. The two most common features of a good headline are emotion and specificity. 

Headlines with emotion not only gather more shares and website and social media channels but also get more clicks. 

Specificity means that the headline is formed with your target audience in mind. It makes the target audience feel that the particular headline is written for them. 

Power words are the persuasive words that are used to push the people to take action on whether it is to click on your website link, subscribe your email list or purchasing any product or service.

Power words can be in different types such as visual power words, seductive power words and emotional power words. 

Emotional Power Words:

There are thousand of emotions that a person can experience. And these all emotions does not work in a same manner, they all are distinguished from each other. 

Sensory Power Words

Sensory words help paint a picture in your audience mind. Not only that, they help trigger a sensory response and make your audience see, hear, taste,  smell, feel your words.

Suppose you’ve been sitting at home, watching TV for a few hours when you feel hungry. After contemplating it for a while, you decide to walk up to the fridge and fix a meal when suddenly, you hear your sibling walk in. With delicious food!

Intoxicated with a fresh aroma, you open the box to smell the deliciousness and take a big bite into the goodness. Then you close your eyes for a few seconds to enjoy all the beautiful flavors.

 Seductive Power Words

Seductive Power words are magical. Here are some examples of these power words. 


By offering something for free, you can push people into taking action with much less resistance. 

Where Can You Use a Power Word?

Power words are used everywhere. Whenever a content is written for someone to take action, you’ll find the use of power words. You can use the power words in  ad headline, email heading, or on landing page.

Why You should use power words?

There are Thousand of benefits of using power words in your titles and other parts of your content. It increases your click through rate on search engine result page. Higher click through rate promotes your website to rank higher on Google.

While the principles outlined here can work wonders, you have to be careful of the “over promise and under deliver” phenomenon.

The idea is that you shouldn’t write a headline that falsely represents your content. You can write a headline like “How to make a million $$ in 30 days for free” and get tons of clicks, but those visitors won’t stick around.

Worse, as soon as they click your SERP result and don’t see what they clicked for, they’re going to “bounce” or click the back button. This phenomenon is also called pogo-sticking, and it’s bad for your website.

Just as Google measures your click-through rate, they also measure your user-engagement. If they find that users frequently click back once they are on your website, they will demote you in the search results, and all your efforts will be in vain.

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