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Geo tagging: How It Can Boost Your Business Visibility

Geo tagging: How It Can Boost Your Business Visibility

Geo tagging, You may be familiar with this word, or maybe you’ve never heard of it before. it’s an awesome tactic to boost your business visibility on search engine and social media. Location based marketing is advertising to mobile users in a definite geographical area.

Your business can make the seamless transition between traditional and digital marketing, this happen with geotagging. Smartphones and social media are integrating this feature.

Mobile use and access to internet is increasing day by day. So it become important for the companies to ensure that their websites are mobile optimized and they are using location based marketing strategies.

Geo tagging takes your online presence a step further than just having a website and being searchable on the search engines.

It helps people to find you when they might not even be trying to find.

How Geo tagging Works?

Geo tagging is the process of identifying a location, whether it be of a image or just a place where you’re posting a status at any given time.

It uses a smartphone’s  GPS or cell tower triangulation to discover a person’s approximate location.  It’s available on almost all the social media channels. It’s main purpose is, let you followers know where the photo was taken .

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For example if you runs your restaurant than people can know about the name, location and other things about your business. It works as advertising for your restaurant when people tag your restaurant’s location in their posts. Their followers can click on the location link to see exactly where your business is located, and what pictures were posted.

How Can You Use Geo Tagging?

The popular uses of location based marketing  include coupons, sales, running contests on social media, and promoting your event.  

Analyzing geo tags is part of a larger local SEO strategy. Investigating image metadata is a basic  part of your digital marketing strategy. On Facebook, there’s a location pin icon which you may use to “Check In” to a place before making a post. Twitter has a location pin icon which you can click or tap on to pull up a list of nearby locations. The caption tab on Instagram gives you the option to add a location for each video or photo that you post.

Tips and Tricks for Location-based Marketing

It allows you to tap into people’s obsessive nature by encouraging impulse buys with the notifications you send out. Not only  it allows you to attract new customers but also it  allows you to gain insight on your current customers by reading what they are saying on Facebook and Yelp.

  • Create an incentive program to have customers keep coming back for more.
  • Encourage customers to check-in and use geo tagging in their Facebook, Instagram and other posts.
  • List your business on Google Business and Bing Places to make your business easier to find.
  • Ask you staff to make it a habit to check-in to the location and share on social media accounts.
  • While you might want to let everyone know where you are, you should always make sure to be safe.
  • geo tagging is a practice that should be used by everyone on their website. It will lead to increased local search rankings and more conversion.

Benefits Of Geo tagging:

  • A post with a specified location will get 79% more engagement than a post that’s not geo tagged.
  • If you are a small local business, then you can really benefit by tagging your business in all of your content. When you target your traffic, you will be able to reach people that are nearby, so when they go over your content or website, they can easily find your location.
  • Geo tagging is especially important for ranking with local search engine results. To grow your local business, you need local results from web searches. You need to find the customers in your local area, and get information to them when they need it.
  • Geo tagging  put all that crucial information in one place, with an image, which will increase your SEO results.

Geo tagging isn’t new. It’s been around in website development for over a decade. Its importance, however, is growing. It’s moving from more of a novelty to a necessity. As more potential customers search for information from their mobile devices, web search engines are factoring the person’s current location into the search results they deliver.

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